Week 1 (Aprils beginnings)


– Introducing April as a new month (its characteristics, changes in environment, weather, Easter)

– Vocabulary topics: (sunny, windy, warmer weather etc)


– Colourful butterflies & other creatures

– Other colours and shadings (e.g: blue, sky-blue, navy-blue, mauve, violet, turquoise, ultramarine etc)

– Leaves and their functions (and a bit about trees!)

-“How does a leaf work?” With a simplified diagram and explanation of certain parts of it (leaf, stem, branch, roots etc)


– Flowers!

(flower structure; petals, stem, roots etc, how flowers function, and what is needed for its growth)


Week 2 ( Easter)

– Easter is approaching (the story of Easter, Jesus and the symbolism of Easter eggs etc)

– Easter traditions and rituals (focussing on Polish traditions, though some explanations of different Easter traditions in some other countries)

– Hens & cockerels (what type of animal it is, that it lays eggs, and the names of them (hen, cockerel, chicken, chick etc)


Week 3 (Let’s clean the Earth)


– What is nature, and why and how we can take care of it?

– Let’s protect trees and forests (structure of a tree: branches, roots, leaves, blossoming etc)

– Don’t be a litterbug! (what is pollution, an introduction global warming & climate change)

– Why segregate our waste (meanings of waste segregation, what the different coloured bins mean etc)

– What is ecology, and what is an ecological product?


Week 4 (vertebrate animals & creatures)

– Fish (goldfish, shark, trout, salmon etc)

– Amphibians (frog, worm, newt etc)

– Reptiles (lizards, komodo dragon, snake, crocodile etc)

– Birds (eagle, pigeon, hummingbird etc)

– Mammals (bats, squirrels, rodents, humans too!, kangaroo, zebra etc)

Special days of the month

04 – Sports Day
22.04 – Earth Day
29.04 – Horse Day